• Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What services does Onward specifically offer to Employers?

A: Onward manages all of the administrative tasks, making it simple and easy for employers to offer our program. Specifically, Onward provides data to employers on employee financial health, administers the savings and loans program, and delivers financial education to employees.

Q: Are Employers liable for the loans offered?

A: No. Loan agreements are strictly between the employee and Onward’s partnering bank.

Q: How much does Onward cost Employers to offer?

A: Please refer to our pricing page, or ask for a quote by filling out the form on our contact page!

Q: I’m really interested in learning more about this program, who do I contact?

A: Send us an email at [email protected] or you can always chat with one of our team members by clicking on the blue Intercom chat box found at the bottom right corner of your screen.


Q: How can I sign up for Onward?

A: Onward is offered as an employer-sponsored benefit only. Please fill out our contact form here and let us know who to reach out to in order to get make this benefit available to you and your colleagues.

Q: Will I have access to my Onward savings at anytime?

A: Yes! The money you contribute through Onward is your savings and will be held at Onward’s partnering bank. In the event that you need to borrow more than you’ve saved, your savings will be locked earning interest until your loan is repaid.

Q: How do I gain access to an emergency loan and what are the benefits of it?

A: Onward believes that if you are an active saver, you should be covered if an emergency happens. The only qualifications are you must be employed and an active saver for 3 months while also engaging with the financial education provided. No credit score, no problem.

Eligible employees are able to borrow up to 2x the amount saved through Onward, and up to a limit set by your employer. You are in full control of how much you can borrow.

Additionally, Onward reports your repayment history to all three major Credit Bureaus, giving employees the opportunity to build credit.

For any and all other questions please contact us at [email protected]! or visit our Help Center!