• Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What services does Onward specifically offer to Employers?

A: Onward manages all of the administrative tasks, making it simple and easy for employers to offer our program. Specifically, Onward provides data to employers on employee financial health, administers the savings and loans program, and delivers financial education to employees.

Q: Are Employers liable for the loans offered?

A: No. Loan agreements are strictly between Onward and the employee.

Q: If employees have issues, who do they contact?

A: Employees that experience any issues or have questions can contact customerservice@getonward.org.

Q: How much does Onward cost Employers to offer?

A: Onward is currently experimenting with our pricing. Sign up here (link to employer benefits page) and we’ll update you once finalized.


Q: What do you use to determine my eligibility to access a loan?

A: Onward believes that if you are an active saver, you should be covered if an emergency happens. The only qualifications are you must be an active saver for at least 3 months and have fewer than 2 write-ups. No credit score, no problem.

Q: How much credit can I borrow?

A: Employees who have participated in the savings program for at least 3 months are eligible to borrow up to 2x the amount you have saved up to a limit set by your employer. You are in full control of how much you can borrow.

Q: Do I have access to my savings?

A: Yes! The money you contribute through Onward is your savings and will be held at a local credit union. In the event that you need to borrow more than what you’ve saved, your savings will be locked earning interest until your loan is repaid.

Q: Can I build my credit score with Onward?

A: Yes! Onward reports your repayment history to the major three Credit Bureaus so that you can build your credit score and get better rates over time.

Still have questions? Contact us at info@getonward.org!